In order not to be disappointed in your first sale at the online store on the application

There are so many people who are enthusiastic about selling online, but many still have short minds. Where the stock of goods and suppliers that are owned still do not exist. Of course it will be very difficult to achieve the first sale. If you want to make sales in a marketplace, make sure you have studied it properly. So that when carrying out a delivery of goods there is no difficulty and confusion. not disappointed selling online

Selling online is certainly not easy to do, so when you are going to be lazy, of course you have to remember your struggles to run an online store. Not everything you imagine will be easy in selling online. Because it takes time in the introduction to the customer.

Factors that make sellers unhappy in online shop calculations

Billytalent3 – Of course, having the first customer is very happy, so you don’t want to disappoint yourself as well as the buyer. Sometimes buyers are not necessarily looking for promos from a product, but there are other factors why they should buy goods online. Here are some factors that must be considered so that you novice online sellers do not lose their first customer, namely:

1.Number of Products

It contains the number of products that match the existing goods. However, if you take a product from a supplier, don’t fill in the same amount from the supplier. Because you are only a dropshipper, and of course the supplier will have many branches to issue their products. So you need to be careful in filling the number of products. Not a few people still fill in the number of products according to the number from the supplier. But when there is a demand and it turns out that the supplier’s goods are less than the demand. Of course you will be more disappointed. not disappointed selling online

Various ways are done to attract buyers//first online
2.Delivery time

If you are the one who will send the goods according to the product, it will certainly be easier, but you are the one who sends the goods through a supplier, then you need to be careful when completing the order. To set the schedule for the delivery of goods, make sure you have made contact with the supplier so that the order is sent immediately.


An online store also has a way to provide attractive promotions for consumers. Before you set promotions or bonuses for consumers, make sure the amount of profit you have is not too small. The reason is that you are the one who will sell online, of course, not to give voluntarily to your selling goods. But you must still pay attention to the benefits of each product you sell. Because the product you are going to sell will definitely run for several months or even years.

Eliminate disappointment in novice online sellers

So that you are not disappointed with the sales target in the marketplace at the initial sale, make sure everything is in careful planning.

– Do various research things so you can sell all the items easily.

– Use all possible online applications to sell online, such as facebook, marketplace, instagram or tik tok. With the era that continues to grow, of course it will be easier for you to promote a product. Use all applications so that your selling products continue to run smoothly.

– Continue to learn so that the items you sell one by one. Of course, novice online sellers don’t have much experience, so you need to learn continuously so that you are better and more developed in sales. Improving self-quality is the best solution when you will achieve success.

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