Fruits ‘n royal

Fruits ‘n royal is a game that has a unique symbol shape. In this game gamers will see pictures of kings and queens in the game fruits ‘n royal. This time novomatic released the game with a slightly different version. In the fruits’ n royal game, you will give lots of prizes in each symbol such as lemons, cherries, plums, stars, crowns and photos of kings and queens.

A screen that has 5 reels with a fresh fruit symbol. There are cherries, watermelons, oranges, lemons, kings and queens. Every time you get the same symbol, gamers will get double points and coins. 5 types of payments that gamers can get quickly. Get high scores by getting the same 5 crowns on fruits ‘ n royal.

Game winning direction

The possible value that you will get in the fruit ‘n royal game is five hundred – Billytalent3 – thousand coins. The type of game that uses the winning direction from left to right and diagonally. Fruits ‘ nroyal can also be accessed by gamers with PCs and laptops. Easily the fruit ‘n royal game can be accessed without having to be complicated. Games that can be opened via a browser.

The fruits ‘n royal game does not give free spins so gamers can get the win by getting the same token. Getting 3 of the same marks or more will bring the gamer to a high win. Even if you don’t give a bonus game, you can get 5 kings or other symbols that will give you a high winning number.

sweet fruit
the fruit of the king’s victory//sweet fruit

Additional features

Each symbol has a different value. Every time you get 2 of the same symbols in the fruit symbol, you will get 20 thousand coins, the more fruit symbols gamers get, the higher the value will be. Fruits ‘ n royal also provides additional games. In playing additional games, gamers must bet the coins that gamers get from symbols.

After gamers place bets on additional games, gamers can immediately play them. How to play it is very easy. Gamers only guess the color behind the card. Guess the red or black color, if the gamer’s guess is correct then the coin value will increase automatically. This value will multiply the number that gamers get when they guess the color.

Settings button

But if the gamer does not succeed in guessing the color then the value that the gamer bet will be lost. So gamers must be careful in choosing the color on the card. Press minus and plus to set the game bet value. If gamers want to add and subtract, they can press the fruits ‘n royal bet button.

In placing the value of the bet, the gamer must prepare a lot of money. Because the fruit ‘n royal game is a type of game that is played with real money, so gamers can easily win. In the game fruits ‘n royal gamers can choose the type of language. There are various types of languages ​​that gamers can choose. Choose a language that gamers are fluent in so that gamers can know how to manage the game.

Fruits ‘n royal game that shows the type of game with lots of fresh fruit symbols. Get multiple values ​​by matching each symbol . press game info there will be many types of symbols with different symbol values ​​that gamers find. Not only that you will find some game information. This information will help gamers so that gamers can easily win.